1” Tubular Nylon collars and Leads

Tubular Nylon is a softer round tube of nylon that may be used to make collars and leads. It is only offered in 1” width at this time. Many people like this product because it is easier on the coat because of its pliability. Collars and Leads may be custom ordered by emailing You may choose any of the ribbons shown on our standard buckle pages 3/4” or 1” to make your order. Tubular does only come in a limited choice of base colors. Those colors are shown here. They are Royal Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, Gray, Orange, Yellow, Black and Lime. Collar prices 12-20” and 15-25” $18.00 as well as 25-31” at $20.00. Leashes may be ordered to match at $25,00 for 4 or 6 foot length. I look forward to working with you.

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